Internal audit

We will analyse and assess the current condition of your books and the source documents.
We will adjust the procedures and scope of activities of individuals who have impact on the final financial statements to the requirements of the given industry.

If you need an internal audit of finances and administration, then you have come to the right place.
If you need someone to audit your books and processes, then you have come to the right place.
If you have concerns or suspicions, but most importantly, you feel that something is not right with your business and need to outsource internal audit services – you have come to the right place.
We conduct internal audits, raising red flags and pointing out threats and discrepancies. We develop corrective actions lists.

more than 20 years of working with businesses

We work together with the organisation to develop custom internal procedures.
We provide due diligence services, i.e. a comprehensive analysis of the condition of the company in terms of finances, law and taxes.
Before investing your money, it is good to identify the actual condition of the business you are interested in. When you acquire or take over a company, we will check whether you are aware of its economic condition and legal status. Are sure this is what you want? Because what you don’t want is to take over issues and liabilities over which you’ve had no control.
The risk related to the transaction may be unreasonably high compared to the price you pay or the compensation you will receive in the future. Due diligence analysis might be crucial for finalising a transaction, negotiating terms or developing a strategy, or may also persuade you to withdraw. For someone not familiar with the detailed situation of the business, it is invaluable to know what to take a look at and verify, and where bottlenecks may be. Are you interested in the condition of the company you are acquiring, but you know little about finance? Do you want to know the condition of the company in whose Board you are going to serve and for which you are going to be liable?
What secrets lie in the account books? Do you avoid finance- and tax-related matters simply because you are unfamiliar with them?
If that is the case, then what you need is an independent expert in the field.

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