About us

We are an independent team of highly experienced and passionate professionals.
We set up, manage and audit account books and security procedures to protect the assets of the company and each individual responsible for the affairs of the company against liability.

Knowledge and experience are our assets.
As accountants we know that managing company finances requires legal, financial and accountancy expertise, and we are ready to provide expert assistance to those who are in need.

We identify and eliminate internal business risks related to:
– inaccurate account books,
– taxes,
– violations,
– escalating problems inside the organisation,
– unprofitable manufacturing processes,
– low margins,
– irrecoverable debts;
– liquidity issues

and many more concealed risks which may occur unexpectedly

We have more than 20 years of experience in handling financial affairs of companies. Accurate and reliable account books are our goal and mission.



Accurate and reliable account books are our goal and mission.

Keeping accurate accounting records is a key source of reliable information facilitating everyday management of every company.


We will analyse and assess the current condition of your books and the source documents.
We will adjust the procedures and scope of activities of individuals who have impact on the final financial statements to the requirements of the given industry.



As part of our consulting services, we will analyse your financial condition, get to the roots of your problems and find the best solutions.

We will help you avoid financial and administrative discrepancies, thus protecting you from future liability and losses.

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